Saturday, September 4, 2010

George Jacobs “Under The Influence

          Multi Media Records/ and Just Records Presents:

               George Jacobs “Under The Influence”
Producer, songwriter, arranger, composer, and dynamic lead guitarist   George Jacobs takes center stage on his solo Smooth Jazz Rockin project.
                                            “ Under The Influence”

George teams up with the world-renowned Rippintons, who composed and co-wrote streets of gold and praise. Sax great “Eric Marinthal” lights up “east”.George showcases his talents by delivering smooth jazz and a soft rock approach to magnetic originals.  blending exciting acoustic and electric guitar playing that sounds like vocals or sax.    Tthis project will put you      
                                            “Under The Influence”.

George Jacobs formerly known as: George Tacktikos, was lead guitarist and writer for “Chango a latin rock group in the seventies, this record was #4 on the fm play list and also on the billboard charts. George also recorded a second chango album. recored another album for atlantic records, George co-wrote every song and played guitar.
George toured with artist such as: Tina Turner, Journey, Styx, Leslie West, Chick Corea, robin trower, and many more.

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